There are countless beauty salons and day spas in my neighborhood offering an overwhelming number of full service facial treatments guaranteed to solve all my skin problems - or at least improve my complexion. They use luxurious advertising - making their services all the more tempting!

Asian woman receiving spa treatment.

It’s wonderful to have a facial at a salon! You have to “spoil yourself” from time to time – it’s an absolute MUST - regardless of the cost. Sadly, the truth is that finding time for a beauty salon visit can tricky, even a little stressful. Down time is at a premium – there’s always something to do in our busy, active lives. Besides that - we want to be smart about our skin care and make sure that our face (and our spirit) are in good hands! After a long workday, it can be easier and nicer to spoil ourselves with a little self-care at home. An ultrasonic facial machine might be the best beauty device for just that.

 Brunette with beautiful skin filled with heart-shaped kisses

Ultrasound for Face at Home

Whether we prefer devices, creams or a combination of both, there are 2 questions we probably all ask ourselves (or our best friends) when making skin care choices - deciding which beauty products to use: 

1. Will it WORK?

2. Is it SAFE?

Sometimes we just know intuitively what's good and what's not. After a while, we develop a nose for identifying the right skin care solutions by trying things out, or better yet - by getting tips and advice from people who love us (best friends and BFFs). Although it can be fun to download beauty apps, or research new products on Google - time flies and we get dreamy. Click after click takes us to countless beauty sites. We may even wind up lost at home in the clutches of YouTubers, whose beauty and make-up videos can range from AWESOME to CRINGE-WORTHY! (It's a matter of opinion - to be sure). Problem: What happens when you’re looking for recommendations for products and devices that your go-to sources have never tried? Like a new gadget? 

It's Not as Weird as It May Sound

Cosmetic applications of ultrasonic technology (for facial treatments) have a fixed place in the Beauty and Self-care industry. That means the general answer to both questions above is "YES". Skin treatments using this technology do work and are safe for most people and their skin. The third question:

3. Where can I learn more?

Right here with this quick, non-technical look at some data.  

    The Good Vibes of Ultrasound Face Care 

    Ultrasonic waves are sound waves, which pulsate at a higher frequency than those audible to our ears. Most of us are aware that ultrasound has been used safely and effectively in the medical field for years as a tool for imaging (the scan that shows you how your unborn baby is developing), diagnostics, and treatments of all kinds. Through the use of specialized medical and non-medical devices, frequencies can be adjusted, enabling waves to penetrate deeper layers of body tissue (i.e., our skin). One of the most important proteins in the body - collagen - is produced in these deeper layers. Among its other healing properties, collagen promotes skin elasticity. Ultrasound stimulates the production of new collagen. 

    Group of diverse women. Pretty in various shapes,ages,colors. Adobe stock photo.

    The first aesthetic use of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) devices dates back to about 2008. Good results achieved by medical experts led to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of HIFU devices for brow lifting (around 2009) and devices for improving the effects of aging such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the neckline (décolletage) and upper chest areas (around 2014). These non-invasive  face treatments are now recognized as a wonderful, painless means to renew the skin and give the face a gradual lift without the scalpel. Treatments combat the effects of aging by tightening sagging skin, smoothing out fine lines and helping wrinkles fade away.  High frequency ultrasound treatments are largely administered by dermatologists or offered by licensed cosmetologists.

    In principle, ultrasound treatments are suitable for all people - almost any age or skin type can benefit. As always, there are exceptions: these solutions are not suitable for people with pacemakers, thyroid problems or those who suffer from certain types of skin disorders. Look at the facts - not just the advertising - before beginning any kind of treatment! A good place to start is at the office of your Dr., GP, or holistic health practitioner.  Discuss your doubts and get your questions answered.

    What about a little skin care time for me?

    Woman with a towel on her head after washing her hair. Me time!

    Science and the beauty industry have also considered the needs of "non-professionals" (us) by developing compact, easy to use ultrasonic skin care devices. They operate at frequencies (approximately 1-10 Megahertz -MHz) lower than those found in the equipment used by skin care professionals. Actually, this is good news!  Lower frequencies mean the devices are deemed safe for private use. Additionally, they pack all the power we need to propel ultrasonic waves into the deeper layers where they can be effective in cleansing, rejuvenating and restoring our skin. 1MHz - 3MHz are enough to make our "ME TIME" relaxing and easy to enjoy! 

    Finally free after a hard day at work. Close the front door. Take a few 'whew' deep breaths. Kick off the shoes. Shed the office clothes. Put on the ME music. Eat and drink something delicious. Bubble bath. Relaxing facial. Cleanse away the tension from the body, mind and spirit.

    How to Use Ultrasonic Mist Scrubber

    Spray the face with a pleasant mist (made of 100% natural coffee and vanilla) to open pores so that the spatula can do its work....

    - gently exfoliate and scrub pores free of dirt.

    Next you can apply a serum to a squeaky clean surface!

    and use the other side of the vibrating spatula to SMOOTH the serum deeper into the skin where it performs more effectively.

     Blonde Woman Using the Ultrasonic Scrubber to smooth serum deeper into the skin.

     Smooth, vibrant and wonderfully clean skin in 15 minutes!


    Deep Pore Scrubber device to cleanse and exfoliate   Deep Pore Facial Cleansing Device


    Pretty woman of color smiling with a dab of skincream

    There are days when you don't need to exfoliate - doing it too often is not good for any skin type - but you still need to apply creams, lotions and moisturizers.

    Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet?

    Medicine cabinet full of products

    Because some products quickly evaporate on the skin's surface when applied with our fingertips, they are not properly absorbed and lose their effectiveness. This Hot & Cold Cream Infuser harnesses the power of ultrasonic waves to propel creams, lotions and serums into the deeper layers of the skin where their key ingredients can act immediately. Infuser Red light for hot.


    The Infuser has adjustable settings for 3 levels of both Hot and Cold massage. Through comfortable heating and cooling, pores open and close optimally. This BOOSTS product absorption - even in those "hard to reach" areas around the eyes. Infuser Blue light for cold

    Ultrasonic Hot and Cold Skin Cream Infuser

    Slogan Imagine a Solution on a faded floral background

    For relaxing, effective and personalized skin care.

    There are infinite skin care products on the market! Beauty and skin care solutions, which you can adapt to your personal needs, your individual lifestyle and your self care budget! This was so apparent during my first visit to the Cosmoprof 2019 Exhibition in Bologna, Italy. (Had a blast!) Beauty business insiders, as well as hard core skin care enthusiasts know this exhibition as one of the world's largest for "All Things Beauty and Wellness" - everything we need to care for hair, nails, face, skin and body. Good vibes, combined with explosions of color and fragrance left me feeling a little dreamy. The first jaw-dropping day at the exhibition ended with a short, interesting chat with a guy named Guy.

    Here's what happened.

    Me (happy and still smiling despite my screaming feet) “This exhibition is great! So much to take in…. have to admit that I’m not an expert on beauty!

    The Guy called Guy:  (looking oh so “chill” – with his muscular arms wielding a hand-held gadget which massaged the long day out of his lower back)

    “Of course you’re a beauty expert – You’re a woman!”

    (EYE ROLL ------>>>>>>)

    Housewife with curlers in her hair holding a rolling pin rolling her eyes

    However, talking to him made me realize that we ARE beauty experts when it comes to own our beauty. We know that we have to be consistent - have a skin care routine and stick to it - if we want a healthy, beautiful complexion. (YAWN)  Doing "the right thing" can get a little boring? The medicine cabinet is overflowing with beauty, body and skin care products that we tried, but didn't like because they didn't work? Too busy or exhausted to schedule recurring visits to the beauty salon or spa? 


    DIY tools such as the portable skin care devices introduced above are not designed to replace professional spa treatments, but they keep high quality, effective self care more affordable in the long run. It can be so lovely to turn your own four walls into a spa where a basic self-care activity like a facial is relaxing, enjoyable and effective. Imagine what a difference a few ultrasonic waves can make. Quality beauty time - no prior appointment necessary.

    Featured products for face and body care:

    Facial Deep Pore Scrubber With Coffee and Vanilla Mist   (Price:  € 249)

    Cleanses, exfoliates and smooths skin.  Comes with Coffee/Vanilla Mist solution, and dropper. USB cable for charging.

    See the video on how to use this device for clean, refreshed skin  












    Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Cream Infuser (Price:  € 259)

    Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging. Designed with 2 massage heads (including one for eye areas). 3 vibration levels, 3 hot and cold settings. Auto-timing system. USB cable to charge. 







    "Curvy" EMS & LED Facial Toning Tool  (Price € 399) 


    This innovative device for the face combines  LED-light based treatment with microcurrent therapy (EMS). It will help rejuvenate the look and feel of wrinkles, aging, or sagging skin. Your face will immediately feel more toned, while sagging areas look tighter.

    See more on how this facial toning tool combats aging. 










    Hot and Cold Body Trainer    (Price:  259)

    This device will help to fight cellulite. Boosts the power of your body and skin care products. Heat, and cooling massage to tone, soften skin and relax the body. Relieves aches, pains and everyday stress. Fights fatigue. Improves circulation.


    Use this device on body sites needing special care.



    View more skin and body care products



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